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What our clients say

Razab Gajini, Dammam Saudi Arabia

I highly recommend this car rental!  Good quality and not to mention luxury cars. Thank you Korona Auto Connection for offering us a good car & service during our 3 weeks stay. We'll use Korona again in the future.

Salvatore Vitale, Naples Florida

I love Bonaire! Korona has wonderful service, high quality & clean cars. The owner is such a friendly person. I will use Korona again on my next trip.

Raishda Rosaria, The Hauge Netherlands

Best car rental agency in my opinion! 

Good cars for a affordable price. Great service the location is easy to find.

Monica Smith, California

Wonderful service, top cars and very innovative. My husband and i have been using them every trip to Bonaire for the last 2 years. You should check them out!